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Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s a little early.  But I’m facing the inevitable; I’m still knee-deep in pre-selling crap, and that’s only get worse before it gets better.  I give up feeling guilty about posting here until after the first of the year, so I’m saying my merry Christmas now.  I am going to try to at least visit your blogs once a week or so, though.  So as not to lose touch completely.

Hope your holiday season is going well!  And if I don’t post before it, Happy New Year, too!  Love you all!

Wonder Woman

well…wonder baby.  🙂


My oldest daughter, Serenity’s maternal grandma, is a HUGE Wonder Woman fan.  But she didn’t buy this outfit!  Serenity’s paternal grandma, upon hearing what a big fan my daughter was, bought this for Serenity!  How sweet!  and how adorable, huh?

The pediatric neurologist wanted them to keep Serenity in the hospital one more night (last night) for further observation, just to be sure.  I haven’t heard anything since, but I’m hoping no-news-is-good-news.  Hopefully she will be going home today.

Tonight, we have my hubby’s office’s Xmas party, which should be fun.  I only have to buy Serenity’s Xmas gifts, and then I’m done.  I’ll get to that tomorrow.  How are your holiday preparations coming along?

One last cute photo of Serenity for now…her initial going-home-from-the-hospital outfit.  I LOVE the hat.  🙂

Serenity going home 4 days old

baby update

First off, thanks everyone for all your kind words and prayers.  🙂

Well, all the major tests came back negative.  But she has severe acid reflux.  They think that’s causing her pain, which makes her hold her breath and causes her little body to shake.  But really, that’s almost best case scenario, in the grand scheme of things.  There is medication for that, and they’ve been told to keep her upright after eating.  Sadly, acid reflux runs strong on her maternal side, and I have it pretty bad too.  But again, this is pretty much best case scenario.

If I learn anything more, I’ll let you know.  Not sure yet when they will be releasing them.

Again, thanks so much.  I’m still swamped with Xmas and selling prep so I’m not posting/commenting like I’d like to, but you guys are so awesome.  Love you!

the baby is in the hospital

Mom went to get her for her 7 am feeding this morning, and her lips (or fingertips, I don’t remember which) were blue, her eyes rolled back, and she was twitching.  They called 911 and they all went via ambulance to the local children’s hospital.  Last I heard, heart was okay, lungs okay, still waiting on all bloodwork and were starting to do an eeg and then a head ultra sound.

Please pray.  😦

so, so much

…going on.

The new baby, in the family, of course.  We got to go see them Friday night; had a nice visit but it wasn’t timed out well because only about 15 minutes in, and it was nursing time, then the hospital photographer came by for a photo shoot, so….not much time spent with them.

And I woke up this morning at 4 am, and couldn’t get back to sleep.  So much going on right now.  The contractors are gone, but the tub/shower reglazing guy comes at 10 am this morning.  He’ll do one today, one Wednesday.  Plus, we are in the ‘go through all our shit and decide what we really want/need to move, and what we can/should part with’ mode, for every closet, every drawer, every storage shelving unit in the garage.  It’s daunting.

Plus, mental lists (must make them physical lists soon to get them off the mental list) of all we need to do to prepare to move.  Realtor for the sale to pick, contact, set up initial meeting.  Things like our Home Warranty plan that we’ll need to notify to stop here and start there.  Movers, and perhaps storage companies, to research, contact, meet.  etc. etc. etc.  It was plenty to keep my mind spinning when I should’ve been sleeping.

So, I’ll tackle a few drawers/cabinets this morning.  I plan to do that in the mornings, and retirement relax in the afternoons.  (and I suspect a short nap might be my future this afternoon after only 5 hours sleep last night.)  PLUS, I need to get back in the habit of reading your blogs.  On my to-do list as well!  Hope you are all well!

Serenity-1 day old

Here are some absolutely adorable photos of Serenity, at one day old.  We weren’t able to go see her last night; we are going tonight, so there will be another round of photos tomorrow or Sunday.  I think her coloring is gorgeous for a one day old baby, but it’s not like I’m prejudice or anything.  LOL

Serenity 1 day old-b


Serenity 1 day old-a

I’m a great grandmother!

My oldest grandson’s girlfriend has given birth.  I know….I haven’t talked about it.  Rather embarrassing.  But, here is my sweet great-granddaughter Serenity.  I can’t wait to go see her tomorrow/Thursday night!

new born-1



1st day-night

There is a really adorable photo of my grandson gingerly picking her up and kissing her, but I can’t seem to get it to load.

:: love ::