I’m a great grandmother!

My oldest grandson’s girlfriend has given birth.  I know….I haven’t talked about it.  Rather embarrassing.  But, here is my sweet great-granddaughter Serenity.  I can’t wait to go see her tomorrow/Thursday night!

new born-1



1st day-night

There is a really adorable photo of my grandson gingerly picking her up and kissing her, but I can’t seem to get it to load.

:: love ::

38 thoughts on “I’m a great grandmother!

  1. Ellen Abbott

    why embarrassing? because it means you are old enough to be a great grandmother? I would love another generation of babies to hold. or because they aren’t married? my daughter and her ‘husband’ weren’t married when they were raising his baby from another relationship and then became pregnant with the twins. they never did get married (though he did ask, she didn’t think it necessary) and they are still together 23 years later.


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      Oh, DEFINITELY because of the not-married (or even close) thing. Long story on that one. But the mother is a sweet girl, and even though they aren’t in a good financial position to raise a child, I know they will at least both be very loving parents. (I couldn’t care less about the nomer of being a great-grandma. In fact, I’m more than a little tickled that I finally have a little girl back in my life. With 3 grandsons, I was missing all the girl stuff.) 😉


  2. Bruce Taylor

    SWMBO had the best comment about you: “She’s going shopping!” I love the second photo, BTW. Congratulations!


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      Oh, I went shopping as soon as I found out! The cute outfits I’ve already bought and gave them when we got to meet momma for the first time. 😉 But yes, much more shopping to come!


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