Monthly Archives: December 2018

why, hello!

I’m baaaaack!  🙂

Construction is winding down; they should be done/gone by tomorrow/Tuesday afternoon, or Wed. at the latest.  We got back into our bed/room/master bathroom Saturday, and hubby has rented a small storage unit and started to move stuff into there so our place looks less crowded once we put it on the market in January.  He’ll bring it back and close out the unit on moving day.

Here is what our master vanity area looks like.  I’m really please with how it came out.

(cabinets are a crisp white.  Sorry for the shadowing.)  Nice clean, neutral; should help sell.  🙂


In the past couple of days, I moved over my custom domain ‘’ to this site, too.  Either bookmark should be fine (and thanks.)

In the next couple of days I will be catching up with all of you.  I hope you are all doing well!