Happy new year!

Hello, to anyone still checking.  I hope you had a great Christmas and new year celebration!  We did!

We are running a little behind our schedule on readying the house for sale.  It’ll probably be still another 2 weeks or so before we are ready to call a realtor in and get the ball going.  AND, we are aware that the market is slowing down….well, the ECONOMY is starting to tank.  We have already agreed that we are only willing to go so low on a sale price, at which if we can’t get that, we will just not sell and stay put until/if the economy picks up.  It just wouldn’t make financial sense to sell if we are looking at a sale price as low as $50-75K less than we think we could get.

AND, most importantly, I have made peace with that.  I’ve made peace that we might not move during ‘cooler’ months…it might be a summer move (ugh, but that’s what professionals are for)..it might be a fall move.  There might be no move at all.  And despite being a very OCD Virgo, I’m okay with that.  I have turned over my control freak tendencies to fate.  What’s meant to be, WILL be, WHEN it’s meant to be.

So, that’s where I am.  One of my few new year resolutions was to put more emphasis on time dedicated to blogging.  The 4-5 times a week just became too much, even in early retirement.  Maybe I’ll be there again once the housing situation gets settled, but for now I’ll shoot for once or twice a week posting, and visiting your blogs 3 or 4 times a week, and see if that’s doable.  Fingers crossed, but I do have good intentions.  🙂

Love you guys!

35 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Ann Thompson

    Glad you had a good Christmas and New Year.
    I can’t imagine trying to get my house ready to sell. That would require a lot of work. Good thing for me I don’t plan on it…lol


  2. Grace

    Without a metaphorical gun to your to move/sell then you are in a good place. Once you get the house in order you can always get an R.E. agent in just to give you some idea of the market and then make your decisions from there. But you knew that already LOL


  3. Taja

    Glad you are able to adjust your priorities when necessary. I am a recent–and sporadic–reader, when real life permits. It seems reasonable that personal blogging should fit into your real life rather than control it. Obviously, anyone blogging professionally has different priorities!

    We’re approaching a more balanced residential real estate market where I live. Sellers who have been listing ahead of the market are having to reduce their listing prices and are seeing more days on market, in many cases. Still a sellers’ market, just not quite as insane!

    Fingers crossed that you receive a good offer quickly and are able to avoid moving during hot season!


  4. Bruce Taylor

    Well, look who’s here! Or there, I guess. Don’t worry, the house will sell and your move will happen, probably earlier than you expect. Happy new year!


  5. Margaret whiteangel

    What is meant to be will be…what you say makes a lot of sense and my husband is a Virgo :)😉


  6. Jean R.

    Makes sense to wait for a better market and it sounds like you are in a good place emotionally to do that. Happy New Year!


  7. DJan

    I too hope you will find a buyer who just cannot resist your home and offers you a good price. Nice you don’t have a deadline to worry about. 🙂


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      Yes. Decisions like that (deadlines) can be arbitrary, sometimes. Ours has been. Trying to readjust my thinking to be more reasonable. 😉


  8. nance

    Happy New Year. And hey, let me know how NOT being a control freak anymore works out. As a fellow CF, I could really use some pointers.


  9. Ellen Abbott

    don’t forget to bury a St. Joseph statue upside down facing the house. people swear it works. well, the house will sell when the right person finds it.

    happy new year.


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      I’d NEVER heard of that! Looked it up, going to buy from Amazon tomorrow! Thanks! 🙂


  10. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Happy New Year to you! Also, all the best of luck on the house readying and selling. We’ve been there and done and well know how stressful it can all be. As far as blogging goes, it is enjoyable, but can also be time-consuming and so deciding what works best is a personal decision.


  11. Joared

    You run the blogging, don’t let it run you, especially when it comes to posting frequency. Patience with the house selling since it has reportedly slowed a bit, but hopefully your values haven’t dropped excessively before that “right” buyer comes along.


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