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My new car

The funny thing is, we weren’t looking to/at getting a new car at this time.  Actually, we were kind of looking forward to it being paid off July 2018.  I say ‘kind of’, because at the same time, our extended warranty would end, and any and all repairs would suddenly become on our own dime.  Since I was driving a 2012 Mini Cooper, they are owned by BMW, and BMW repairs ain’t cheap.  We had a litany of issues with this car the first 3-4 years, to the point that at ONE point, I seriously asked Mr. SW ‘what qualifies as a lemon?’

I had several friends at work with Mini’s…none of them had experienced any of the problems we were having, so I knew it was my car, not Mini issues as a whole.

ANYHOW, since it was barely a year until paid off, Mini Cooper mailed us a loyalty offer letter.  Good for $1500 off, and offering us a brand new Mini (same model), that we could finance to barely $50 more a month than we had been paying.  It was worth a look-see.  🙂

Well, ends up the car/color I fell in love with was a 4 door (mine was 2 door.)  I told the (really, really nice, not overbearing) Mini sales guy that yes, I would entertain an offer from them, letting it be made perfectly clear that I wasn’t looking for a car, didn’t need a new car, could walk away from the lot with no regrets whatsoever.  And p.s., I had contacted the Mini dealer about 50 miles away with the info about the offer letter, who had the same car, so really, whoever could do better, if ANYONE, would get our business. 

They ended up dropping the price $4,500, and, including the same extended warranty program, with Sirius XFM satellite radio, and this vehicle with a rear view camera…the deal came out to barely $60/mo more.  For a 4 door, brand spankin new car.  We did the deal, and I LOVE it!  I’m still learning all the techno-new stuff that the 5 year old model didn’t have, but just LOVE IT.  It’s turbo engine (5 year old model wasn’t), so it’s SO more powerful!  Here’s my pretty new baby!  It’s a gorgeous silver white metallic color, with a pure white roof.  So classy!