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it’s coming….

Halloween, that is!  Tomorrow is the last day of September, and that means this weekend I pull out all of the Halloween decorations!  I can’t wait!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, but the last few years I’ve let my natural, competitive nature get the better of me, fretting over wanting to win Halloween costume contests.  I decided after last year I’m done.  I’m 66 years old, and I’m tired of fighting myself over it.  I bought a nice Day of the Dead 3/4 sleeved shirt, and that is what I will wear.  Keeps the ‘spirit’ of Halloween alive, but no more stressing over costume contests and no more frustration if someone not as greatly costumed as me somehow wins.  (LOL)

Guess what?  I’m already looking more forward to the holiday than I have for several years.  So my plan is working!

How about you?  How much, if at all, are you ‘into’ Halloween?