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Serenity-1 day old

Here are some absolutely adorable photos of Serenity, at one day old.  We weren’t able to go see her last night; we are going tonight, so there will be another round of photos tomorrow or Sunday.  I think her coloring is gorgeous for a one day old baby, but it’s not like I’m prejudice or anything.  LOL

Serenity 1 day old-b


Serenity 1 day old-a

I’m a great grandmother!

My oldest grandson’s girlfriend has given birth.  I know….I haven’t talked about it.  Rather embarrassing.  But, here is my sweet great-granddaughter Serenity.  I can’t wait to go see her tomorrow/Thursday night!

new born-1



1st day-night

There is a really adorable photo of my grandson gingerly picking her up and kissing her, but I can’t seem to get it to load.

:: love ::


It was a SCORE Saturday, on many levels.  🙂

First, we started by going to my middle grandson’s soccer game.  It was going to hit 95 yesterday, so even a game starting at 10:30 am was HOT.  His team is undefeated, and he’s one of the top 2 scorers on his team.  Suddenly, at 9, he’s just GETTING IT when it comes to soccer, so it makes it even more fun to watch.

Sure enough, he scored 2 goals, set up a third goal (got the assist), and had another goal taken away for off-sides.  (it was not.)  They played the other undefeated team, and it was close through 3 periods (they were up 3-2), but J’s team blew it open in the 4th period and ended up winning 7-2.  So much fun!  Here’s my schmoe after the game…

He learned from his grammy the wonderfulness of putting cold water down his neck between periods, and even having cold water poured on top of his head, too.  So I take some credit for one of his goals and the assist.  LOL
His little brother, L, and mom (my younger daughter) had to leave halfway through the game to take L to his ice skating practice.  He’s decided to take up hockey, but at 4, (and living in southern California, LOL)…he’s still just at the ice skating lessons stage.  Here’s a photo she sent over of him:
After the game, we went to In ‘n Out for lunch.  I bet it’s been 6 months since I’ve had them!  Then, because we were so close, we went to Campitelli’s to get some cookies.  Best cookie store in the Los Angeles area.  Officially!  Rick Dees, a top LA Disc Jockey, a LONG time ago, had a contest to see who made the best chocolate chip cookies.  Campitelli’s won.  They only have 2 locations, and refuse to franchise themselves.  So I even bought a tee shirt, because when we move to AZ, I’ll have to have their cookies shipped to me, no more in person buying.  (except if I remember, when we go to visit the kids once or twice a year.)  They are still stellar, after all these years.
See?  J scored, I scored (great food)…just a SCORE! Saturday.  LOL  (plus scoring me getting to see 2 of 3 grandsons!)
Then we came home, and got to see Michigan St. upset win over Michigan.  Of the 2, I’ve always preferred the GREEN Spartans.  So all good.  It was icing on the cake that Oklahoma lost also.  That should help out UCS in the rankings.  🙂  (I’m trying to transfer my loyalties to AZ State, but once a Trojan fan, always a Trojan fan….)
Finally, we saw the original Blade Runner movie, to prep us for the new Ryan Gosling version.  We’d both seen it before, but it’s over 30 years old so we needed a refresher for the brain.  It didn’t hold up quite so good; it was before CGI effects, and it just was so avante garde when it came out; not so much now.  But we are now prepped for Blade Runner 2049.  🙂
That’s it!  How was your Saturday?