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Racism, as I see it, in a nutshell

No racist thinks they are racist.  Actually, they don’t believe racism exists.  They believe they are superior, and they don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.  They don’t believe in everyone being equal.  They think this is liberal snowflake nonsense.

Although the Liberal ‘snowflake’ thing is new terminology, racists have ALWAYS felt this way.  We cannot change racist’s minds on the subject.  That’s been Liberal’s problem; trying to change thinking.  Can’t do it.  We need to stop wasting time trying to change adult minds that are set in stone, and instead, focus our energy and efforts in getting out the vote, and doing our best to outvote them.

Period.  Anything else is a waste of time and loss of focus.

And yes, I feel better, but I tire easily.  So I’m taking it pretty easy.

P.S. oddly enough, it appears that my December SS retirement first check was deposited 1/2.  I hadn’t even noticed with my flu/virus.  So that’s the good news!

This next week I’ll be back to visiting your blogs.  I miss you guys!

Nothing worse than not believing bureaucracy

Welp, not the results I’d hoped for at Social Security re my check.  Yes, take a number.  First, go through the most thorough purse check of my life.  Every zipper was opened and checked.  Both glass cases were opened and checked.  Yeesh.  and this is in a VERY upscale town.  Oh well.

Thirty minute wait.  Oh well.

Government employee helping me whose English was decidedly a second language.  I had my Philippines-born husband with me, but his English is perfect.  It was really hard to understand this guy, though he seemed nice enough.

In a nutshell, they couldn’t figure out what went wrong.  We confirmed several times that the bank routing number and account number they had were correct.  They showed that the payment had been made, but they couldn’t produce a letter/document as proof for that.  They couldn’t understand why not.  Push come to shove, they figured out the first guy (who I had corresponded with) had set me up wrong.  Payments come a month after the month that they are for.  So my starting in December, my first check should come (based on the date of my birthday)…the 3rd Wednesday of January.  Not only had he (tried?) to set it up for payment the same month, but the check issue date was only the date after they approved my application, and wasn’t aligned with the 3rd Wednesday of a month like it should always be.  When they first looked it up, ‘locally’, they saw a 12/19 check date.  But when they looked it up ‘nationally’, it showed a ‘not yet’.  They think the national system caught the local error and therefore didn’t pay.  Still no confirmation about the zero (potential test run?) deposit.  Basically, I have to wait until the 3rd Wed. in January, and if it doesn’t deposit then, come back again.

Urfph.  I wanted closure.  I wanted definitive.  I got neither.  Typical bureaucracy.  And he went twice to superiors or ‘technical expert”s to run the situation by them.  i.e., he was flummoxed too.  Twice.

So my confidence level?  Nil.  But bottom line, nothing I can do for now except accept this, and wait until January 17th and see what happens then.  Oh well.

Have a wonderful, happy New Year!  We are going out to a really nice dinner, but have no plans beyond that.  Will come home, I suppose, watch TV, and watch Mariah Carey butcher another New year’s Eve TV appearance.  LOL


So I got my social security (retirement) benefits confirmation letter, and it stated my first check was being deposited 12/24.  (hello, already past.)  So I went online for my bank to check.

On 12/20 it showed a direct deposit for social security, for $0.00.  What the heck?

I called the bank; they confirmed this and said it looked like a test run, to see if it was a valid account.  But nothing had occurred since.

I called Social Security; automatron hell.  I went online.  It showed on 12/19 there was a deposit for the amount SS told me it was going to be, not $0.

I emailed my Social Security guy (who I had talked to and previously communicated with.)  He confirmed the deposit on 12/19, (and that my bank hadn’t rejected it/returned the funds), but when I told him what happened and asked for proof of the deposit, he said he couldn’t provide it by mail, and I had to visit my local Social Security office.  :: groan ::  (he was nice and apologized for the inconvenience, at least…)

I work until 12:30 tomorrow.  I will go home afterwards and pick up hubby to go with me.  I’m sure I’m going to enter bureaucratic hell.  Social security says they paid.  The bank says they didn’t.  Who’s going to budge?  I suspect I’ll get some paperwork (I hope) from the SS office, to take to the bank branch, of proof of deposit.  And pray they (my bank) find it or will accept it.  I will have to confirm with SS what bank/routing info they have, but it must be right or there wouldn’t be a ‘Social Security for my full name’ ACH direct deposit on my account (even if for the wrong amount, zero)….if they had it wrong, correct?

I’m flummoxed.  Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Why couldn’t this go smoothly?  😦