Serenity-1 day old

Here are some absolutely adorable photos of Serenity, at one day old.  We weren’t able to go see her last night; we are going tonight, so there will be another round of photos tomorrow or Sunday.  I think her coloring is gorgeous for a one day old baby, but it’s not like I’m prejudice or anything.  LOL

Serenity 1 day old-b


Serenity 1 day old-a

I’m a great grandmother!

My oldest grandson’s girlfriend has given birth.  I know….I haven’t talked about it.  Rather embarrassing.  But, here is my sweet great-granddaughter Serenity.  I can’t wait to go see her tomorrow/Thursday night!

new born-1



1st day-night

There is a really adorable photo of my grandson gingerly picking her up and kissing her, but I can’t seem to get it to load.

:: love ::

why, hello!

I’m baaaaack!  🙂

Construction is winding down; they should be done/gone by tomorrow/Tuesday afternoon, or Wed. at the latest.  We got back into our bed/room/master bathroom Saturday, and hubby has rented a small storage unit and started to move stuff into there so our place looks less crowded once we put it on the market in January.  He’ll bring it back and close out the unit on moving day.

Here is what our master vanity area looks like.  I’m really please with how it came out.

(cabinets are a crisp white.  Sorry for the shadowing.)  Nice clean, neutral; should help sell.  🙂


In the past couple of days, I moved over my custom domain ‘’ to this site, too.  Either bookmark should be fine (and thanks.)

In the next couple of days I will be catching up with all of you.  I hope you are all doing well!

the crux of the issue

…re blogging…now…is that I can’t stand being in my office where my pc is.  I can’t stand being around a room filled with boxes and crap.  Not only because I’m OCD but because I suffer from moderate claustrophobia, too.  Yes, I could take this new laptop downstairs, but I HATE using the laptop thing that is instead of a mouse/keyboard, and I don’t want to take all the peripherals downstairs to make it more comfortable.  And posting from a phone sucks even more.

On the plus side, they are supposed to be done by Friday; so only one more week to go, then I can get back to normal.  (or as normal as December, one month before you put your house on the market…gets.  LOL)

Miss you guys!  Will catch up next week!


Once again, apologizing for being MIA lately.  The house is in a complete state of disarray due to the upstairs construction.  The noise pollution is 8 hours a day.  For someone OCD like me, it’s driving me absolutely nuts.  I thought I could go to my mom’s, but she’s having plumbing repairs and floor repairs herself, so there would be no respite there.  I’ve slept (we both have) four nights in a row now on sofas, because the blow up bed is too low to the ground for me (with my reoccurring equilibrium problems).  I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Now, add Xmas decorating to the above.  Sure, I could wait another 10 days or so until they are done, but then I’d barely have 3 weeks of decorations up.  Not acceptable.  So later this afternoon I start.

I need a vacation from this so-called ‘retirement.’  No where to go, no where to hide.  😦

up and running!

Me, us, and my new pc!

Spent yesterday afternoon setting up my new laptop.  All went well, except I hate Microsoft One Drive.  When transferring my docs and photos from our external hard drive, One Drive decided I had run out of One Drive space, even though I hadn’t.  I finally was able to figure out that if I suspended One Drive, I was fine.  Not until I’d deleted the photos and docs off my new laptop though (but they were still on the hard drive.)  Ultimately, I decided I didn’t need all the photos on the new laptop.  I needed those for my screensaver, and I needed my football pool folder docs, my blog folder docs, and just a few other docs.  Everything else I can always pull from the hard drive if necessary.

But yeah, took a few hours.  Then, at bedtime, just in time so it made it hard to go to sleep, I remembered I hadn’t done iTunes yet.  So once hubby has my old pc up and running, I’ll still need to make that transfer, which iTunes never makes easy.  21st century problems.  🙂

In less than an hour, we are going out to buy our new bathroom vanities and vanity tops, although it will be our contractor picking them up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then we come home and continue to remove everything from our master bedroom, bathroom, hall bathroom, and hallway walls/linen closet.  We are going to reward ourselves tonight with dinner at Cheesecake Factory, using some gift cards we have stored up, so it will be free.

So much going on this weekend.  I get exhausted thinking about it, but I’m having trouble sleeping because there is so much running through my mind of everything that is going on, we have to do, etc. before we move.  Ugh.  So much for relaxing and enjoying retirement!  Very little of that until we are unboxed in Arizona sometime next spring.