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new lows every.single.day.

Just when you think Trump has hit a new low, he sinks even lower.

Yesterday, at an Alabama rally, Trump said that NFL owners should fire any ‘son of a bitch’ who kneels during the national anthem.

(to see the excerpt of that part of his speech, go here:)


But yet he pardons the likes of a complete bastard, Joe Arpaio.

He calls white supremacists ‘fine people.’

What the HELL is wrong with this man?  How can people not only still support him, but applaud him?

Is nearly half of the country really this awful, too?  It’s just unfathomable.

While I didn’t previously enjoy seeing players kneel during the national anthem, I respected their RIGHT to do so.

Today, I hope every darned player, white OR black or any other color, kneels tomorrow.

Why?  because….

Freedom of speech is being attacked from the TOP.

We are in deep, deep trouble.