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Financial preparing

Since I’m less than a year from retiring…..

Since Robert Mueller’s probe gets closer to Trump almost every single day now…

Since I think the market (financial world) is going back in a recession (I’m not alone), and…

Since I think the Trump/GOP crisis looming will make that recession even more volatile….

time to adjust my 401k’s.

Into safe, much safer, capital preservation funds.

I had some friends about 10 years older than me that saw their 401k savings demolished in 2008 just as they were retiring.  I’ll be damned if that will happen to me.

I’d rather stash (almost….90-94%) everything in safe funds now, and see where the next 18 months land our country and the economy.  When things stabilize, I can always shift again.  I don’t want to lose my nest egg now.  Not enough time left (contributing) to make up for a giant recession like I was able to from 2008. (and even then, I saw the writing early and was able to move funds sooner than many of my contemporaries did who then lost way more by waiting.)

So, I spent the morning reviewing both funds, analyzing, reading up, then pulled the trigger on both.

I feel much safer/more secure now.  Makes me happy.  🙂