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Blade Runner 2049 (spoiler free post)

We went and saw Blade Runner 2049 last night, but I suppose I should back up; we rented the original Blade Runner last weekend, so we could refresh in our minds the story.  It was a really wise thing for us to do.  I don’t think this new version/sequel (because it totally uses the story from the first to help build the 2nd, now 30 years in the future from the first.)….would’ve been quite  as enjoyable, if I hadn’t re-seen the first one first.  Perhaps, but maybe not.  Having recently seen the original definitely enhanced the sequel.  (could you ‘get’ the storyline if you hadn’t seen the original recently or at all?  Yes.  They explain it.)

That said, this version FAR, FAR outdid the first.  Well I appreciated how avante garde the first one was, in it’s time…now, all these years/decades later, it seems a tad stale.  Still innovative, but just still somehow dated.

This version…well, WOW WOW WOW.  Although very long (over 2.5 hours), there wasn’t a nano-second of boredom or aimlessness.  Every second was used to it’s fullest, and so much of it for the visual POW of the cinematographer and set designer, and yes, even the grab you and won’t let you go sound/soundtrack.  (which was a slow build but then WOW.)

Even the storyline, by far, was more captivating than the original.  You really went along with Ryan Gosling’s character on the quest he was on.  You felt what he felt, you weren’t just a witness.

I shouldn’t gush about this film, but this was an amazing film, not just a movie.  It puts you in the middle of a bizarre future world, that although extremely bleak, is just so darned fascinating.  This has Oscars in so many categories written all over it.

But do yourself a favor and rent the first one first, if you can.