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I have my ‘special’ china.  The one I use for family get togethers (once or twice a year, plus once in a while when I just want a special change of pace.)  Service for twelve.  Very old fashioned, delicate little pattern of pink roses with soft green foilage.  Actually, it was my oldest daughter’s wedding china.  But about 12 years ago or so, she admitted she preferred my then china (white and silver), and I preferred hers, and we were both divorced at that time…so we actually swapped.  🙂

About 5-6 years ago I bought some beautiful Kate Spade (  sad  ) every day china.  White background (there is something about my OCD that makes me need a pretty stark/clean white background on my dishes, not anything else)…with big, bold, gorgeous royal and navy blue floral pattern.  Here:

About the same time, I got some solid every day (porcelain) white dishes.  These, but just the dinner plates.  I never used them.

Instead, I have only used the Kate Spade, every single day for at least five years now.  With solid turquoise blue quilted place mats and matching napkins.  (Or navy ones, during the winter.)  Yes, I love the pattern; they are GORGEOUS dishes.  But….


So I got a hair up my #$)*$ this week that I would put away the Kate Spade’s, at least for the rest of the summer, and just use the whites.  I would get NEW quilted place mats, and NEW cloth napkins, and enjoy those for the summer.

I ordered these place mats:

I got cloth napkins in pink, peach, and a matching green.  (set of 4 on everything.  It’s just the two of us!) (plus it kept the cost down.)

I can’t wait for them to all arrive!  I should have in the next day or two.  I’m SET.  It’s all very exciting!

How are YOU about dishes?  What types (every day china, melamine, stoneware) of dishes do you use?

Do you use place mats, and/or tablecloths (I only bring out the tablecloths when the family is here)?  Paper napkins or cloth?  (I use cloth because it certainly saves money over time!)

Anyhow, I’m bored.  Time for a switch up.  Very exciting!