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To paint or not to paint old wooden furniture?

How do you feel about repainted furniture?

Some examples:

I think all of these are really well done!

I personally don’t have the inclination (or patience, or guts) to do so, but I think if you end up with a really well done job like these, AND you choose colors that you can live with for a long time…kudos to you!

That said, it would have to be pretty muted colors for me to feel like I could live with it for a long time.  But I feel that way about backsplash tiles, floor tiling, even paint.  (for the most part, re paint.)  Sofa colors.  If the colors are too bold, or the pattern too ‘busy’, I know I’d tire of them quickly.

Of course, I love beautiful, well-maintained or restored mid century furniture.  So I can also understand the ‘don’t mess with the beauty of what it was’….(if it was still beautiful.)

Where do you stand?