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Black Friday and me

When they started building indoor/enclosed malls here in Southern California, I learned that I am truly claustrophobic.  From Black Friday until the first of the year, I cannot shop at a mall on the weekends.  I get dizzy and clammy and feel I’m going to pass out, and it’s all the people.  I can handle arenas and stadiums, but not closed malls.

So, I avoid the malls today like the plague.  If I buy anything, it’s online.  (although that’s what Cyber Monday is for.)

Nope, today is the day we start our two-day mass decor switch to Xmas.  About 2 years ago, it became too much for me to do in one day.  So now one day is the tree, and one day is the rest of the house.  Generally he gets all the boxes out today and sets up the tree itself, then works on the outdoor lights.  I decorate the rest of the inside of the house today, and do the tree tomorrow.  Capped by a glass of wine or champagne tomorrow night, my favorite xmas music blaring, no lights but the tree lights on, as my official welcome to the Christmas season.

p.s.  To those of you new to me/my blog, I discovered a few years ago I really hate red and green together.  When my husband put a big box of our indoor decorations away a few years ago, he (stupidly) put a wet door mat on top, then sealed the plastic bin.  Well, 11 months later when I opened it, everything was irretrievably moldly. so I had to start over.  It gave me pause to think about what I really wanted, since he was so wracked with guilt and giving me $$ carte blanche.  (LOL)  I decided I liked turquoise and deep plum.  And white.  So that’s what I changed everything over to.  I will post pictures once it’s all done.

Have a great weekend!  (we had a fabulous Thanksgiving with both daughters, their husbands, and our grandsons.)