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it’s Jack Day!

Yeah, not Jack-in-the-Box day.

My middle grandson JACK day!

His birthday was 2 weeks ago, (as you can tell above), but today we pick him up, take him to Dave n Buster’s for lunch, to play in their video arcade for a bit, then to go see Ant-man and The Wasp.

It’s going to be so much fun! 

He’s 10.  This is the first time we’ve taken him out alone like this (he has a 5 year old brother, our youngest grandson.)

Jack is the life of any party…definitely a larger-than-life character.  I can’t wait!

Happy 10th to my sweet, funny Jack (part 2)

I can’t believe he’s already 10!  He is the happiest, sweetest kid I think I’ve ever known.  And most certainly the funniest!  He definitely inherited my dad’s sense of humor.  Always joking.  🙂

Here’s some of my favorite photos of his first 10 years…

With mommy…and daddy….

 Those eyes…oh, those eyes!

The sense of humor was already shining…

Yes, a clown from a VERY early age.  LOL

Not entirely in focus, but one of my favorite photos I EVER took!

Yeah, a little out of chronological order.  Sorry.

Just as thrilled with presents way back when, too.  🙂

With his little brother.  He’s SUCH an amazing big brother!

Yes, had to sneak one in with me.  🙂

Again, out of order.  Sorry.  But a face and smile to die for.

Last year was his Harry Potter year.  LOL

All 3 of my grandsons, last month.

Oh Jack, how you have enriched my life.  Love you to the moon and back.


Jack turns 10, part 1

My sweet, funny, kind middle grandson, Jack, turns 10 officially tomorrow.  But yesterday, we had the family party. 

Here are some photo highlights…

This is Jack with a cousin, his dad in the background, and his paternal grandma.  🙂

Honestly, he is just THE best kid!  Sweet, loveable, funny as hell, and kind as the day is long.  (smart little whipper snapper, too.)  I just adore Jack.

Tomorrow, part 2, will be celebrating Jack through his 10 years.  🙂