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I Just Can’t

So much is wrong with this country (and of course, this world.)

I just can’t keep up the level of concern over all the things that are wrong.  I know it’s why I got ulcerative colitis at an extremely unusual age (most get it in their teens to maybe their 40’s, but usually teens-30’s.  I was 65.)  It was a poor body reaction to continued stress.

Damned political, alt-right, Donald Trump, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-so-many-of-you stress.  Stress became anger.  None of it good for my body.

I just can’t keep it up.  Every time I get worked up over another new faux pas of our president, I get diarrhea again, that can go on for days.

I just can’t keep it up.

I’ve dropped all of the Twitter accounts I followed re this.  I have to break myself from checking Donald’s twitter account, or one of several news sources, during the day, to get the latest.  My body and psyche just can’t handle it.  It’s too much, and it just gets progressively worse, and yet, I know damned well it will get far worse before it ever gets better, if it DOES get better.  I can’t focus on it anymore, let alone seek it out/dwell on it.  I have to move past it.  Get back to reading, positive zen-like activities.  Try and move away from all of this.

Might be a cop out, but I have to take care of my health, emotion AND physical.  Obsessing with all this is the worse thing I could be (and have been) doing.

So I’m going to try and break the obsession.  Wish me luck; I’m going to need it, because it’s EVERYWHERE.