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a Blogger moral dilemma

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) was caught on tape “joking” about her willingness to attend a lynching at a campaign event in November. “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith said on November 2. The small crowd responded with laughter and applause.  Her opponent is Mike Espy.  He is black.

Since the video became public on Sunday, Hyde-Smith has refused to apologize, claiming her remarks were a complement. “I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous,” Hyde-Smith said in a statement.
One corporation that apparently was unbothered by Hyde-Smith’s remarks: Google. On Tuesday, Google donated $5000 to Hyde-Smith’s campaign, according to documents filed with the FEC.
You can read about it in this link, which includes a copy of the FEC filed document on the campaign contribution: (as well as the video of her comment about the public hanging.)…
Hyde-Smith faces Democrat Mike Espy in a run-off election on November 27. A group of ministers from the Jackson, Mississippi area called on her to apologize and resign.
At a press conference on Monday, Hyde-Smith robotically refused to answer any questions about her lynching comments. Eventually, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) intervened and attempted to deflect criticism by accusing black women of genocide.
Google previously donated $10,000 to the Making America Prosperous PAC, the leadership PAC of Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX). Making America Prosperous gave Congressman Steve King (R-IA) a cash infusion after other corporate donors abandoned him over his ties to white nationalism.
Needless to say, this all INFURIATES ME.  I have changed my email from gmail to yahoo.  I no longer will use google for searches.  The dilemma that remains is this blog.  Blogger is Google owned.  Do I move my blog away from Blogger?  I have done it before.  Fully capable of it.  It’s more a nuisance for you, my readers.
Given my absolute abhorrence for anything racist, and this CERTAINLY qualifying, what do you think?  Morally, I feel I have to do it.  But I hate to lose any of you faithful readers over this.  But, I’m just MASSIVELY ANGRY at Google.
The last problem would be Chrome itself.  Do I go back to Firefox?!  Because the Chrome browser is also Google.

I’ve definitely decided to go back to Firefox.  This Blogger/Google blog is the last issue.  I’m definitely leaning towards the move.  (the blog is already in place from last January when Blogger was having issues.  I just need to update it.)


I don’t get it

Molly Tibbett’s is killed.  It ends up that the man accused appears to be an illegal immigrant.  Fox News becomes outraged.  President Trump becomes outraged.  The ‘right’ becomes outraged.  The case becomes the new prop for the war on immigration.  For the damnable Wall.

Earlier in the week, Chris Watts is accused of murdering his pregnant wife, and his two young daughters.  But Chris Watts is white.  Fox News does not become outraged.  President Trump does not become outraged.  The ‘right’ says not a damned thing.

But no, this isn’t another example of blatant racism.  oh no…..

Bull crap.  It flat out is.

When people of color murder 14 innocent victims in San Bernardino, it’s terrorism.  When a white man shoots up  and kills far more people (58) in Las Vegas, we never hear terrorism.  Because he was white.

It’s all such bullshit.

Melania Trump’s parents use the same ‘chain migration’ that Donald Trump and Fox News HATE and are trying to abolish.  But you know, WHITE relatives.  So it’s okay.

I call bullshit on that, too.

I’m tired of the bigotry being masked as something other than exactly what it is.  Full out racism.  I always say, ‘own your evil.’  This is a big evil that needs to be owned.  If it wasn’t for immigration, any American that isn’t full-blooded Native American would not be here.  That’s a fact.  Period.

I just hate racism and bigotry and hypocrisy.  I really, really do.  And if anyone ever starts a sentence with ‘I’m not racist, but’….you can bet damned well that they ARE racist.  And don’t even get me started on all the hatred shown towards Barack Obama.  And why.

Yeah, don’t take me down THAT path.  It would not be pretty.

Until America owns up to this hypocrisy, it won’t ever really change.  We were all fooling ourselves if we thought we’d come very far in race relations from the 60’s.  We slapped a pretty face on it, but it (racism) never went away.  It just hid better.  Well, we are seeing it now, and it’s not pretty at all.  It gives the term ‘Ugly Americans’ a whole new disgusting take.  Really disgusting.

Racism, as I see it, in a nutshell

No racist thinks they are racist.  Actually, they don’t believe racism exists.  They believe they are superior, and they don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.  They don’t believe in everyone being equal.  They think this is liberal snowflake nonsense.

Although the Liberal ‘snowflake’ thing is new terminology, racists have ALWAYS felt this way.  We cannot change racist’s minds on the subject.  That’s been Liberal’s problem; trying to change thinking.  Can’t do it.  We need to stop wasting time trying to change adult minds that are set in stone, and instead, focus our energy and efforts in getting out the vote, and doing our best to outvote them.

Period.  Anything else is a waste of time and loss of focus.

And yes, I feel better, but I tire easily.  So I’m taking it pretty easy.

P.S. oddly enough, it appears that my December SS retirement first check was deposited 1/2.  I hadn’t even noticed with my flu/virus.  So that’s the good news!

This next week I’ll be back to visiting your blogs.  I miss you guys!

Four, and counting

In the past 24 hours, I have un-friended four people on Facebook for their posts about #takeaknee supporting Trump.

I have reached critical mass when it comes to stupidity, racism (latent or blatant), and hate-mongering.

I won’t unfriend a child, grandchild, or in-law (those I’ll simply un-follow if need be), but anyone else is fair game.  I’ve put up with their shit for 12 months now.  I’m DONE.

They are welcome to their opinion.  It’s just not going to litter my Facebook anymore.  Nope.  Can’t make me.  It’s time to stand up and be counted.  I choose to stand up against racism and supporting a narcissistic idiot president who is not worthy of the office.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
~ Martin Nienmoller


It’s hard to keep one’s anxiety at bay when you have a damned jackass as president of your great nation.  As if he hasn’t said enough inflammatory shit about how he feels about abject racism, we get this tweet this morning:

Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. You…..
(so far he hasn’t finished that thought.)
So Confederate statues are BEAUTIFUL?
Good God, how could we have sunk this far??!?