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Yeah, it happened.

Obviously, it was even higher earlier in the day, but I captured this on the way home.  I have no idea what those little dots are…the car LOOKS clean.  😉

Anyhow, it was a scorcher yesterday.  When I stepped outside to drive home, right before this, it felt like I was already living in Arizona.  Fortunately, today will ‘only’ be 99.  Tomorrow, 94.  Then back down to normal.  Arizona will stay this hot for months now…

oh well.  Sadly, I’m sure it contributed to a fire in SE San Diego that destroyed a couple dozen gorgeous homes.  Lucky that they stopped the growth of the fire at that point.  In Northern Ca., they are not being that lucky.  Wildfires are so awful.

Have a good day!  We are going flooring shopping today; one step along the path to moving!  Then I think we are going to see the Jurassic movie we never got to on the 4th.  Hope you have a great Saturday!